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Animals in Space

Just for fun I colored some of my inktober drawings.

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Some ‘inbetweens’

Some litte doodles I did during the meetings I had to attend. Some of them happened during watching TV. Just to keep this Blog updated and alive.

(It sometimes feels like mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.)


Die Musen Warten




Tatort “Zorn” (Januar 2019)
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Inktober 2018

Some of my inktober drawings, a little insight.





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Animals are the nicest characters, aren´t they?

Two very quick drafts I did thinking about a likeable character that might act–but doesn´t look–human.
I have to admit, thinking is the right term here because the “might act but do not look human” point in my thought didn´t make it in the drafts, definitely not yet.


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Konstellationen und Lügenpresse

Ich freue mich, dass eine meiner Illustrationen aus der Reihe “Konstellationen” für das diesjähriege Plakat “Jenseits der Lügenpresseparolen” der Tagung des Protestinstituts Verwendung gefunden hat. Wie kann konstruktive Medienkritik heute aussehen, welche Zusammenhänge und Abgründe tun sich auf?

I am glad that one of my illustrations of the series “Constellations” was used for the poster of this year´s conference of the Protestinstitut . What is media critic today, which relations do we see, and abysses do we havee to conquer?

Jenseits der “Lügenpresse”-Parolen

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Dark Summer

A quick one I did in September. Enjoy.

Dark Summer

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Mitgliederversammlung des Designtag/General Meeting of the German Designer’s Umbrella Organisation

©Norbert Egdorf

Am Samstag trafen sich die Mitgliedsverbändes des Designtag ( in Berlin, dessen Vorstandsmitglied ich bin, zur ersten ordentlichen Mitgliederversammlung nach der Neuaufstellung der Dachorganisation im Mai letzten Jahres.
Ein angenehmer Abschluss für ein ereignis- und erfolgreiches erstes Jahr.

Last saturday met the member associations of Designtag ( in Berlin. It was the first ordinary meeting after the strategic reconfideration of the umbrella organisation last year. As member of the board I am glad and proud to look back on a first year with lots of events and achievements.

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Dark Landscapes

Some sketches I did last week hoping to get an idea for an opressing summer/sticky air/twilight feeling. But there wasn’t enough time to get it right, I think …

up there…salvation?

bleak landscape

wandering in the dark woords

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Some sunny impressions from our summer holidays in Lusatia.

Garden round the cabin
Garden round the cabin

Summer cabin in the woods
Summer cabin in the woods

Fürst Pückler Park, Bad Muskau
Fürst Pückler Park, Bad Muskau

Branistzer Park Cottbus
Branitzer Park Cottbus

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